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Notes To Have A Successful Transaction with Socizi

  1. Find the goods / services you want
    - Select list of goods / services that you need in the menu bar, or type the keyword is looking into the Search section.
    - To find exactly the items, go to Advanced Search.
  2. Detailed review of images, product information posted.
  3. Read the personal information is publicly available on the website of the poster.Include:
    - Transaction counts.
    - Hit the star rated.
    - View profile: user name, email address, mobile phone,…
    Hit-star rated as the Star that members on Socizi evaluation. Number higher star rated, registrants get more confidence.
    Transaction counts: each transaction is completed, the system will automatically update transaction counts up profile poster.


    If a member has many turns of the transaction and received many good reviews, the star member have high reliability.
    If the product / service of the post as attractive, the number who watched his information more.
    It is the first factor that you assess overview of your business objects.

Our advice for you:

    Let's chat with the poster before suggest transaction. It helps you to: understand the product information, the registrant; assessment of reliability, the person's personality…

When scheduled to meet, what should you do?

    - Let your family and friends know about places and subjects of the transaction.
    - Trading Place should meet at crowded places, avoid direct encounter at home, or secluded places…
    - When the transaction use Credit, you should make an appointment where an internet connection, and use equipment capable to web.
    - Thoroughly tested products / services. If the clothes do not have yellow stains, torn, lost buttons .... Electronics should test first. Barter the skills, you should request papers, diplomas, testing. Barter by rent out, ask to see ownership documents. In case of the lessor, should require a deposit, or keep personal papers of tenants.