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Question 1: How to get credit?
Register for membership on Socizi Website. Option 1: You barter with other members to get Credit on Socizi. You posted your items to Socizi. Valuation of the items in Credit. If other members like your item, they will ask you to exchange or buy your item in Credit. You have the right to accept or not such transactions. You can barter, or sell in Credit. Number of Credits that you have sold, you can use the Credit to buy, swap other items. Option 2: You buy voucher Credit. Our vouchers come in value denominated types of $3, $5 and $10. You click the link: links to purchase and payment. Select the number of vouchers you wish to order. Payment through Paypal or Ngan Luong (Note: The card Ngan Luong must use Internet Banking service). Besides, you buy Credit voucher at Socizi - TK 32/8 Nguyen Canh Chan, Cau Kho, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
Question 2: Why use credit without using cash?
Socizi members from many countries around the world: Viet Nam, Thailand, Singapore, Austraulia…. Having a common exchange unit that is essential. When you barter, you will resolve these difficulties as the product value is not equivalent to each other, do not need much time online, your customers come from everywhere .... Depending on the par value of each credit voucher will be given an additional 5%, 7%, 10%.
Question 3: Credit to do?
Credit for all transactions in Socizi. Besides, Credit also be used to make purchases at Shop Socizi. The goods / services on Socizi are priced in credit. Buy items on Socizi and shop. Credit used to barter at Socizi Website, Socizi Shop, and Doi do club facebook Group.
Question 4: What is exchanged in Socizi?
The stuffs: include old items, new items, fashion items (clothes, shoes, accessories), entertaiment items (books, comics, CD-DCV, collectable, electronics, musical, game, voucher, cosplay), life style (cosmetic, health and fitness, furniture and home), mom and baby,.... Skills: you can use your skills to exchange. It include education (IT/computer, cooking, flower arrangement, dance…), task (computer/it, quick job, event, travel…). Example: You have the ability to speak and teach English well, and skills that are priced in credit on Socizi. Whoever they may need to learn E, one will contact you. He or she will pay the credit, or items. Rent out: room or house, vehicle, musical, electronics. You have a item that you don't want sell or barter. You may still take credit or lease to items. Example: You have a motorcycle, your rental motorcycle with 500 credits in 5 days. B want to rent your motorcycle in 5 days. B would pay 500 credits. Question 5: To have a successful transaction should I do? If a member has many turns of the transaction and received many good reviews, the star member have high reliability. If the product / service of the post as attractive, the number who watched his information more. Let's chat with the poster before suggest transaction. Let your family and friends know about places and subjects of the transaction. Trading Place should meet at crowded places, avoid direct encounter at home, or secluded places… When the transaction use Credit, you should make an appointment where an internet connection, and use equipment capable to web.