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Socizi is a barter community Online free. At Socizi, the members are free to exchange products and services together.

How to participate

You need to register to make a member of Socizi. The price of products / services are priced by Socizi Point. 1USD = 210 Socizi Points. If other members like your item, they will ask you to exchange or buy your item by Socizi Points. You have the right to accept or not such transactions. You can barter, or sell by Socizi Points. Number of Points that you have sold, you can use the Socizi Points to buy, swap other items.

The products / services on Socizi

You can post old items, new items. Specially, you have a certain skill, you can still exchange with other members to get Socizi Points, or other item that you like. Your items may lease. The tenant will pay by Socizi Points or other items.

Learn more about Socizi Point – link of Socizi Point